Exciting news! Our second book,
Toby's Crooked Birdhouse, is now available!

"Highly recommended! What a great way to introduce your children to hardware and the Bible! I want a toolbox like that!"​​​
Chris Fabry, Christy Award-winning author, radio host
“By encouraging Scripture memory, hands-on creativity, and family relationships, this book hits all the nails on the head!”
Amy R. Dunham, Author of Soul Rest, Mom, Blogger
“If you're looking for a new tool to drive home spiritual truths, the Handy Dandys have got just what you need! Here's a toolbox that belongs in every home!”
Jon Gauger, Author of Kids Say the Wisest Things and If I Could Do It All Over Again
The Handy Dandys are filling their toolbox and building their faith!
    We are pleased to announce the launch of a new children’s book series, The Handy Dandys! Whether it’s constructing a birdhouse, raking the leaves, or working in the kitchen, the Dandys always have a project going on. And while this handy family is working with their hands, they’re also hiding God’s Word in their hearts. In each story, a verse from Scripture connects with their project and gets added to the Dandy family toolbox, a collection of memory verses they use to build their faith.
      Our desire with The Handy Dandys series is to give families a creative way to integrate Scripture memory into their everyday lives. Around our house, we're often working on projects with our kids, teaching them about tools, how to use them correctly, and how the right tool can help get the job done. We have a similar desire as we teach them the Bible. We want to help our kids know that verses from God’s Word can be used as tools to help them make good decisions, understand God’s love, and learn to live in the freedom we have in Christ’s work on the cross. So the idea for the dandy toolbox was born, a handy place to keep Bible verses for the family to memorize and sharpen their skills for the spiritual life. We hope your family will make a practice of studying God’s Word together and finding verses to memorize, so you can fill your toolbox and build your faith!
-Nate and Trish McMillan

Meet the Handy Dandy Family

Stan Dandy applies his trade skills as a general contractor with projects around the house, and he helps his kids incorporate Scripture into their work. To relax, he likes a good crossword puzzle and a baseball game on the radio.
Because of her baking and her personality, “sweet” is a word often used around Jan Dandy. Whether it’s brownies in the oven or activities to keep her kids learning and growing in their faith, she’s always got something cooking.
When she’s not doing her 3rd-grade homework or chores, you can find Annie Dandy with her sketchpad or a good book. She’s a fun-loving girl who enjoys singing, dancing, and she’s also learning how to play the piano.
If Toby Dandy gets into trouble, it’s usually because he let his curiosity get the better of him. This excitable 6-year-old loves learning about animals and nature, especially when it lets him get his hands dirty.

Books in The Handy Dandy Series

The New Dandy Toolbox
In this first book in the series, Dad and Annie Dandy head to the hardware store to get the supplies they need to build a new toolbox. Dad teaches Annie the importance of a toolbox in any workshop, and explains that this toolbox will become a special place to keep verses from God’s Word. Psalm 119:11 is the first verse added to the toolbox.

Available now from Amazon , Barnes & Noble,
Christianbook.com or WestBow Press.

ISBN: 9781973634317
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Toby's Crooked Birdhouse
As Dad observes Toby's love of birds, he suggests they make a birdhouse for the backyard. During the construction, Toby learns that not cutting on the lines results in a crooked birdhouse. Dad explains that the same thing happens in our spiritual life when we fall short of God's standard, and they add Romans 3:23 to the toolbox.

Available now from Amazon  or WestBow Press.

ISBN: 9781973661245
About the Authors
Nate and Trish McMillan have been married since 2008 and have three children. They are both graduates of Moody Bible Institute and Moody Theological Seminary. Nate is the creator and host of the Christian comedy podcast Laugh on Track and a woodworking enthusiast. Trish is the coordinating producer of Moody Radio's Open Line with Dr. Michael Rydelnik, an amateur baker, and an avid reader. They make their home in the suburbs of Chicago.
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